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Early introduction of peanut shown to reduce allergy risk

By Compass Immunology, Mar 3 2015 08:37AM

A recently published study in the New England Journal of Medicine has demonstrated that regular weekly consumption of peanut starting from an early age (4-11 months old) resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of children developing a peanut allergy over the 5 years of the study.

Children who ate peanut regularly from a young age (6g per week or equivalent of 1 teaspoon of peanut butter per week, from the age of 4-11 months) were 83% less likely to develop an allergy to peanut compared with the group that excluded peanut completely from the diet. The study enrolled 640 children who were considered to be at a high risk of developing peanut allergy due to concurrent severe eczema and/or egg allergy.

A free full text version of the article can be accessed via the New England Journal of Medicine website:

A short video summary of the paper can be viewed here: