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By Compass Immunology, Feb 9 2018 11:48PM

We are very excited to open our new clinic at 1 Daisy St Grange. Compass House, encompasses our new child and family focused clinic Compass Kids.

We look forwards to new services commencing soon including Allergy Dietican clinics, food allergy family cooking classes, and other services.

For more details please see our Facebook page

By Compass Immunology, Aug 17 2013 08:23AM

Allergy to dogs is unfortunately common. Many people with dog allergy or a family member with dog allergy who choose to own a dog try to select a dog breed marketed as a low allergy or hypoallergenic breed. Breeds often purported to be low allergy breeds include Poodles, Poodle crosses such as Labradoodles and Groodles, and Airedale terriers. Many owners note substantial variability in their allergic reactivity to different dogs, but is this variation really breed dependent?

Vredegoor, Willemse et al designed a study to try and answer these questions. Their results were published in JACI in October 2012. They looked at levels of the major dog allergen Can f 1 in the hair of dogs and their homes. The measured the levels from a variety of species marketed as hypoallergenic (for example poodles) and from other dog breeds (for example labrador retrievers).

They found no significant differences in levels of Can f 1 dog allergen in the hair and coats of so-called hypoallergenic dogs versus other dog breeds. Interestingly there was substantial variation in dog allergen levels between individual dogs both within and across breeds.

So sadly there appears to be no actual hypoallergenic dog breed. But some dogs may be less allergenic than others - the reasons for this are not absolutely clear as yet.

Brown Labradoodle - "I'm sorry, I didn't know"
Brown Labradoodle - "I'm sorry, I didn't know"

By Compass Immunology, May 17 2013 03:14AM

The World Allergy Organisation (WAO is the umbrella organisation for national allergy societies such as ASCIA (Australasia). The WAO's journal has recently become open acces or free, online. A very interesting paper in the most recent edition describes a hypothesis for the increase in allergic diseases in westernised cultures due to effects of loss of biodiversity on bowel, skin, and respiratory microflora. This ties in to the often discussed "hygiene hypothesis". I recommend this for all interested.

"The biodiversity hypothesis and allergic disease: world allergy organization position statement"

By Compass Immunology, Jan 17 2013 08:05AM

In 2013 we look forwards to medical specialist Immunologists and Allergists Dr. Susan Perel, Dr. Kim Robertson, Dr. Paul Campbell and Dr. Carl Kennedy commencing practice at Compass Immunology Clinic.

Sadly for us, Dr. Rebecca Werther has returned to Melbourne after her sojourn in Brisbane, in spite of the infinitely better weather here, not to mention being surrounded by Queenslanders. Our loss is Melbourne's gain, as they say.

Fortunately, Dr. Kim Robertson Paediatric Immunologist is commencing practice with us early this year and any patient's of Dr. Werther's requiring followup visits can book now to see Dr. Robertson in March. If any urgent issues arise prior to March please do not hesitate to contact us to see Dr. Heyworth-Smith.

By Compass Immunology, Jun 10 2012 07:10AM

I'm pleased to announce Ms. Paula Brown, Accreditied Practicing Dietitian is now seeing patients at Compass Immunology Clinic. Paula has a special interest in childhood food allergies. Please phone us on 07 38473256 to make an appointment.

Please see Paula's website for more details: